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Wolverhampton | Sandwell | Dudley | Walsall 

4 - 15 October 2021

What is the Black Country Business Festival?



The facts…

  • The Black Country Business Festival is an annual, two week festival of business events running across the whole of the Black Country region. The dates for 2021 are Monday 4th - Friday 15th October.

  • The Business Festival programme will be made up of over a hundred events, all put on by local businesses.

  • Any business can apply to run an event – which can take any shape from a seminar or workshop through to a trade show or major conference.

  • Events can take place anywhere in the Black Country.

  • Every event should benefit the people and businesses in the Black Country, and therefore help business growth, ultimately having a positive impact on the Black Country economy.

  • Events will largely be free to attend.

  • The Business Festival will showcase the colourful range of businesses that proudly make up the Black Country, combining existing, traditional industries with new and emerging key areas for growth within a packed Festival programme.


The benefits….

  • Business Festival events will enable the local business community to engage, share best practice and collaborate with each other on a completely new level.

  • The opportunities to meet, partner and learn will be endless.

  • The Business Festival will enable us to show the rest of the world this region’s strengths, innovation, commerce and culture.

  • Together, through the Business Festival, the Black Country business community will be united in shouting about our region, the ‘can do’ attitude of our workforce and the area’s huge investment potential.

  • Through a focus on specific sectors, we will attract visitors to our area from across the UK and beyond.

  • The Black Country Business Festival will help our businesses prosper, our people develop and our local economy grow.


We stand united in showing the world that This is the Black Country.

The Festival is proudly run in association with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and managed by Associate Events Ltd. It is backed by like-minded commercial partners who share the same desire to see the region reach its full thriving commercial potential.

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