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Spotlight on our Sponsors: Thomas Dudley

Thomas Dudley is a 100-year-old, family-run company that incorporates a number of businesses. Its interests and expertise are wide-ranging, and include design, development, manufacturing and sales.

The Thomas Dudley family includes Tyde FLuid Movement, a plumbing company; McDonald Die Casting, a high-end manufacturing company; Waterlift, an innovative provider of clean water utility fitting; and Rugby Plastics, an injection moulding company.

Manufacturing in the UK since the company’s inception in 1920, Thomas Dudley is proud of its history and heritage. Its commitment to continue doing so is its customers’ guarantee of quality of product and service. Thomas Dudley is a key employer in the Black Country’s thriving manufacturing sector, and a keen supporter of the ‘Made in Britain’ initiative, which champions British goods and brands.

As a key sponsor of BCBF2021, Thomas Dudley is keen to promote the benefits of the Black Country Business Festival to local businesses and investors. For a full programme of events, please visit

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