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Run an event in the Black Country Business Festival

Applications to host an event in the Black Country Business Festival are being accepted until 22 February 2018.

The Business Festival, led by the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and supported by the University of Wolverhampton and Talbots Law, is a new two-week ‘festival’ of business events that will exclusively be staged in the Black Country between 23 April and 4 May 2018.

The Festival is largely ‘business to business’ with events put on by local companies to help other Black Country businesses and individuals to learn from each other, share and grow.

The programme will be made up of a diverse range of events that will also draw attention to the Black Country, showing investors what this area has to offer and what a fantastic place it is to live, work and do business.

Anyone can apply to run an event in the Business Festival – which can take any shape from a seminar or workshop through to a trade show or major conference. A short application form is available on the Business Festival until 22 February.

Around 100 events are expected to take place over the fortnight. Already, nearly 50 expressions of interest and almost 20 formal applications have been received with many more expected in the New Year.

A list of venues offering free or heavily discounted rates to those organising an event in the Business Festival are available on the website at

Corin Crane, chief executive of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce said, “The Black Country Business Festival is going to be the biggest business event that has ever taken place in our region andeveryone needs to get involved whether this is supporting the Festival as anpartner, hosting an event or offering free venues where other Black Country organisations can hold their events.

“We are incredibly proud of our area, our heritage, our businesses and the can-do attitude of our people. Now is the time tostand on a national stage and show the rest of the country what a brilliant place the Black Country is to be.

“The event application process is only open until 22 February so I would encourage everyone to get their applications in as soon as possible”

To get involved including hosting an event, sponsoring or offering venues for use during the Business Festival, visit the website at or email

More information about how to host an amazing event in the Black Country Business Festival is also available on the website at

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