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Wolverhampton | Sandwell | Dudley | Walsall 

4 - 15 October 2021
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Become a sector lead

The Business Festival is structured into key industry sectors which reflect the broad range of industries within the region. 

Business Festival Sector leads are business leaders in their field with extensive knowledge and experience of their industry.

Being a sector lead will bring many benefits including visibility during the festival itself and within a wide range of communication and outgoing media.

The sector lead has a number of key tasks:

  • Attend meetings to make sure the Festival is heading in the right direction that will best assist the growth of their sector.

  • Have an overview of all the events in the sector and ensure that these truly reflect current trends within the relevant industry.

  • (If desired) Host an event which brings the sector’s importance to a national audience.  This should be highly relevant to current industry development, potentially engaging with new audiences.

  • Encourage your network to apply to host events themselves or take a more significant role as a sponsor or partner as well as attend the Festival.

  • Be very proactive in communicating with other industry professionals within your sector and network to increase awareness of the Festival and promote events.

  • Provide industry media connections to enable publicity and communication to be maximised on a national level.

  • Act as a point of contact for those seeking further information.


Becoming a sector lead in the Black Country Business Festival is sure to be rewarding on a personal and professional level.

You will be doing your part to help tell the world about Black Country industries, investments and developments.

For an informal discussion on becoming a Sector Lead, click here.

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